ISO 9001 Certification Requirements

Do you have a Quality Manual that describes what you do and how you do it

Do you have a current Organisation chart that shows areas of responsibility

Do you have a Quality Policy that has a commitment to Continual Improvement

Do you have a documented procedure for Document Control

Do you have a documented procedure for Record Control

Do you have a documented procedure for carrying out Internal Audits

Do you have a documented procedure for Non-Conformance, Corrective, and Preventive Actions

Do you have SMART objectives in place and advised to all staff

Do you hold and document Management Review meetings

Do you have staff training records in place

Do you have the infrastructure in place to carry out the tasks required

Do you control and calibrate measurement devices where necessary

Do you monitor and measure customer satisfaction and analyse it

Do you have good communication both internally and externally

Do you review contracts to ensure you can deliver in accordance with requirements before agreeing to them


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